‘SCIENCE DOESN’T SUPPORT THIS’: Paul Blasts School Closing ‘Hysteria,’ ‘This is Fauci’s Fault’

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul stopped by Fox & Friends to dissect the latest hysteria surrounding omicron and the potential for a return to remote learning for America’s children.

“It’s tragic, and the thing is the science doesn’t support closing schools down,” Pauls says.

“It had been the policy for most of modern medicine that if kids were sick they were sent home. If a bunch of kids were sick then we might close the school for a couple of days,” the Senator continues. “But we’re not doing that. We’re doing mass testing of people that are not sick. We’re sending people home that have no symptoms, and we’re testing whole classes and sending more people home.”

“We need to get rid of the hysteria but the people that are promoting the hysteria work for the government. I mean this is Dr. Fauci’s fault largely because he’s still hysterically talking about mandates and shutting people down and not letting people fly and blaming the unvaccinated.”

Watch the interview below: