SCHIFF WORRIED: Adam Vows to ‘Light a Fire Under the Administration’ Over Monkeypox

Congressman Adam Schiff vowed to “light a fire” under the Biden administration over the weekend to increase vaccines, treatments, and other methods of combating the new Monkeypox outbreak.

“I don’t know why there aren’t more vaccines available. I’m hearing from health care providers in my district that there are people lining up to get vaccinated and they don’t have the vaccines for them, and that is a real problem,” Schiff told Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face The Nation.”

“As I think you indicated, we really don’t know the future course of this virus. But what we do now, early on, just as was the case with the pandemic, will determine just how bad this may get,” he explained.

“And so, I want to light a fire under the administration and get them to make sure that we up production, that we up distribution and that people that are ready and willing and able to get vaccinated have the ability to protect themselves,” Schiff concluded.

Watch Adam’s comments above.