SAY SOMETHING, JOE! Senator Blackburn Blasts Biden for Silence on Trudeau’s Abuse of Power

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) dropped by Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show where the conversation eventually turned to the protests in Canada and the abuses of power by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“It is, indeed, eye-opening, and Justin Trudeau is really abusing his power and using that to target his political opponents,” Blackburn said. “And one of the things that you continue to hear from news reports up there is this autocratic style that he has taken on because of these protests.” 

“And protests should be peaceful, people should continue to protest peacefully, and they have that right to stand up and speak out against their government. But he is not wanting to allow that, and I think that it has shocked a lot of Canadians that he has used his power to target his political opponents. And I think it’s important for President Biden to stand up and call on Trudeau to allow for political — peaceful political protest and free speech.”