SAD: Sen. John Fetterman Delivers Barely Coherent Question During Committee Hearing

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman is garnering new attention after his disjointed and occasionally unintelligible inquiries during a hearing about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on Tuesday. During the question period of the Banking Committee hearing, the senator struggled to put his thoughts together and stumbled over his words.

Watch the video below:

“That’s like if you have, I mean like, and, and, they also realize,” Senator Fetterman struggled. “It is that it it it, that now they have, in in, a guarantee, a guaranteed, again, by no matter, by how? Isn’t it appropriate, that those, those kind of controls should be more stricter?”

A spokesman for Fetterman told Newsweek that his team has clearly said for months that the freshman senator “continues to have auditory processing issues due to the effects of his stroke.”