Russia’s Stalled Offensive & Taiwan Strait Showdown | PDB Situation Report

In this episode of The PDB Situation Report: • We’re starting today’s show with an important update from Eastern Ukraine, where Russia’s offensive in Kharkiv seems to be hitting a wall. • We’ll chat with Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, who will share his analysis and insight on exactly what’s happening on the ground. • China’s aggressive wargames in the Taiwan Strait are raising serious alarms. We’ll be joined by author Dmitri Alperovitch to unpack the implications of these maneuvers and what they could signal for a potential showdown between the US and China. • We’ll examine the rise of the Tren de Aragua, a brutal Venezuelan gang making its way into US cities. To listen to the show ad-free, become a premium member of The President’s Daily Brief by visiting Please remember to subscribe if you enjoyed this episode of The President’s Daily Brief.