‘ROTTING MILITARY’: Lt. Col. Scheller, Discharged for Criticizing Afghanistan, Says There is a Crisis of Command in the Military

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who was discharged form the military after sharing videos on social media that criticized Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, is leasing a new book entitled Crisis of Command.

Scheller says “the problem is, you have generals that try to please their bosses,” he told DailyMail.com.

“So what happens is you get generals that will just do anything to please the politicians because it takes Congress to get appointed to be a three or four-star general,” Schellelr says.

“And so they’re willing to inject into the military the initiatives of the politicians of the time without advocating for what’s best for the military, which is what a general should do.” 

“So it’s not necessarily woke – but that you just have people-pleasing generals, and they cater to whatever person is in charge at that time, rather than advocate for what’s best for the military,” Scheller added.

“The Secretary of Defense made a comment after 100 days in office that said the biggest problem facing the Department of Defense was COVID,” he said. 

‘And that is just a perfect example of how misguided the focus of the military is. There are systemic issues rotting the military.”

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