ROGAN: ‘You Don’t Want a Teacher Talking to Your 6-Year Old About Gender Transitioning’

Podcast host Joe Rogan continue to rail against the left’s hijacking of the narrative around Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill (incorrectly described as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill).  “They’re pretending … they’re saying ‘don’t say gay,’ so everybody’s saying ‘gay, gay, gay, I’m gonna say gay cause I support gay people, and gay rights, and gay this and gay that.’”

“But that’s not what the law is,” he added. “What the law does say is that from first grade to third grade, you can’t bring up gender transition, sexual orientation, whether people are gay or straight. They say don’t teach that in class. That’s it. That’s the law — which seems reasonable. You don’t want an unknown person who’s a teacher, a stranger, talking to your child who’s six about sexual transitioning and gender transitioning and sexual orientation and gay people and bisexual people and non-binary people.”

“Like hey, hey, hey, that f***ing kid needs to learn how to read and write and count, and know history, and normal s***,” Rogan continued. “They don’t need to know about trans kids and — that’s not for you teach. That’s not your job. That’s a delicate issue to be handled by parents and loved ones. And so, people are freaking out and they’re calling it the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. But that’s not what the bill is. But if you say ‘don’t say gay,’ people freak out, ‘Oh, Florida’s just so homophobic. And they’re so backwards.’ That’s not what it says.”

Watch the clip below: