ROGAN FOR RON: Joe Rogan Backs DeSantis, ‘He’d Make a Good President, What He’s Done is Admirable’

During an interview with actress Gina Carano, popular podcaster and host of The Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and gave his two cents on DeSantis 2024.

“I think Ron DeSantis would work as a good president. I think, I mean, what he’s done for Florida has been admirable,” Rogan said. “I feel like what he did for Florida, a lot of people gave him a lot of grief, but ultimately, he was correct. He was correct when it comes to like deaths. He was correct when it comes to protecting our vulnerable populations. He was correct in terms of distribution of monoclonal antibodies, and he was furious when the government tried to pull those, they were trying to pull very effective treatments.”

“You know, he is not perfect, he’s a human being,” he continued. “But what he’s done is stand up for freedoms and people think that, there’s some weird gaslighting s*** that went on where people equated freedom and saying the word freedom to like right-wing bigotry and hate, it is so strange.”

Watch the clip below: