‘ROGAN FOR REPUBLICANS’: Joe Says ‘Serious Errors’ Made During COVID, ‘Vote Republican’

During his most episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, podcast host Joe Rogan told guest NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers that Americans who didn’t like how the government handled COVID-19 should “vote Republican.”

“I hope there are lessons learned in this because this is a new thing,” Rogan said. “We had never had this before. No one who is alive today has ever experienced a true pandemic, and I’m hoping — that now that this is over — people are going to recognize that some serious errors were made and not repeat those.”

“That’s the best you can get out of it,” Rogan added.

Rodgers asked Rogan what he would tell people who lost their jobs due to COVID mandates.

“Vote Republican,” said Rogan.

Watch the clip below: