REVEALED: The Hunter Photos ‘Team Biden’ Asked to Be Removed From Twitter

Friday evening’s reveal of the so-called “Twitter files” yielded a number of interesting insights into how Twitter employees censored content during the 2020 election. However, few details were as shocking as the seemingly cozy relationship between Twitter’s content moderation team (i.e. censors) and the staff at the Biden Presidential campaign.

In particular, Journalist Matt Taibbi revealed one email exchange between Twitter employees which contained a tranche of tweets that the “Biden team” requested be “reviewed.” Of course, they were presumably doing so in the hopes of having the tweets in question removed. After being presented with the list of offending tweets, one employee responded to the request with a simple, “Handled these.”

So, just what was the “Biden team” hoping to shield from public eyes? Well, according to investigative reporter Andrew Kerr of the Washington Free Beacon, at least three of the tweets were homemade Hunter Biden porn and photos of Hunter’s genitals which had been pulled from his laptop.

In addition to those request from the Biden presidential campaign, the DNC requested a tweet from actor James Woods be stricken from Twitter as well. According to Kerr, that tweet contained a photo of Hunter Biden smoking crack.