REPORT: San Francisco Spent $500,000 to Remove ‘Offensive’ George Washington Murals from Schools

A new report claims San Francisco officials spent upwards of $500,000 to remove “offensive” murals of George Washington from local schools.

From Fox News:

The San Francisco Unified School District used over half a million dollars in funds meant for facility improvements to fight lawsuits over its decision to cover a mural of George Washington.

“I want them to put the money back,” Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Chairman Rex Ridgeway said of how the school district spend the money, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “They’ve been using this as a slush fund as far as I’m concerned.”

At issue is the district spending $525,000 in a battle to cover up a mural at Washington High School of the nation’s first president, which the school board claimed is “offensive and demeaning to Native Americans and African Americans.”

However, the decision was opposed by a school alumni association, who filed the lawsuit that was eventually settled when the district agreed to pay the association $345,000 in addition to the $180,000 to its own lawyers.

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