REPORT: Loudoun County Schools Requiring Parents to Sign NDAs Before Seeing Curriculum

Parents in Loudoun County are now required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements before viewing some curriculum material linked to Critical Race Theory.

“The NDA is required to be signed by parents who want to review the ‘Second Step’ curriculum. Parents are required to acknowledge that the material is not public and that ‘copying, broadcast or recording of any kind is prohibited,’” writes the Washington Examiner.

“Parents of Loudoun County public school students have been asked to sign a type of nondisclosure agreement to view a curriculum connected to a group known to push critical race theory,” adds the outlet. “A tiny snapshot of the curriculum is available on the LCPS website but is limited to only a few slides. The Daily Caller also reported that the agreement between the school district and Second Step exempts the curriculum from Virginia Freedom of Information Act requests.”

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