REPORT: ‘Build Back Better’ Could DOUBLE Child Care Costs for Working Families

A study authored by Casey Mulligan, a professor at the University of Chicago, claims Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ platform could “double” the cost of child care for some middle-class families.

“It shows that child care costs could increase by up to 102% – and as much as 122% – for some Americans under Biden’s signature economic agenda, which would cap child care costs at no more than 7% of parents’ income for those earning their state’s median income. Parents are required to be working, searching for a job, in school or dealing with a health issue in order to qualify,” reports Fox News.

“For a family with an infant and a 4-year-old, that could mean an additional annual expense of up to $27,000 unless they qualify for the subsidies in the Democrats’ spending bill. About half of families using non-parental child care would fall into that category, according to the analysis,” adds Fox.

“It is challenging to forecast how families would cope with such harmful and disruptive changes in childcare costs,” the academic concludes. “Many families may respond by withdrawing a parent or relative from the workforce to provide the care.”

Read the full report at Fox News.