RED WAVE INCOMING: Former Clinton Pollster Says Midterms Inching Closer to ‘Wave Election’

Races are tightening.

Fox News contributor and former top adviser to the Clintons Mark Penn stopped by Mornings With Maria to discuss how midterm polls show voters who just vote on the issues are tipping the scales in favor of Republican candidates, according to Fox News.

MARK PENN: Some Republicans came out, who were vulnerable, didn’t see them as qualified, and weren’t as well known. You know that everybody in the planet is watching what’s happening in Pennsylvania and in Georgia. And in that, Warnock seems to have strengthened and Oz seems to have strengthened as well. No, these Senate races are not going to be a runaway. 

There are hundreds of millions of dollars being spent in some of these races. People look a little bit more at the candidates. I think at the end of the day, there will be some voters who just vote on these issues regardless who the candidates are. And that’s usually what happens if there’s a wave. And we’re getting closer to a wave election as these polls edge up. 

Watch the clip below: