READY FOR WAR: Rep. James Comer Says ‘I Plan on Going to War’ With Federal Agencies

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) says he’s planning on going to war with federal agencies for their obvious biases and corruption; Comer spoke exclusively with Just The News.

“The deep state is real,” Comer stated. “And what we have are these federal bureaucracies that are fighting back. They see the tide is turning. They see the American people are gonna go out in waves — hopefully, in a few months, and vote for a new majority in Congress.”

“I plan on going to war with some of these federal agencies,” he had said earlier. 

Comer plans on going through the budgets of these agencies with a fine tooth comb.

“One way that I plan on holding these agencies accountable is their budget,” Comer said. “That’s their lifeline. That’s their manna from heaven — it’s the money that Congress allocates to them. In the past, I don’t think Congress has been very serious about providing oversight in asking for accountability and transparency from these agencies.”

“And I can tell you, if we have a Republican majority, we’re gonna go down their budget, line by line, and they can’t hide behind classified anymore,” Comer continued.

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