READ THE POLLS, JACK! New CNN Poll Shows 75% of Dems Want Somone Other Than Joe

Joe can’t get a break in the polls —even on the left.

According to a new CNN poll, 75% of Democratic voters want someone other than President Joe Biden to run for the White House in 2024. The poll comes in the wake of a never-ending string of losses for the Biden Administration, including on issues like the economy and energy.

From CNN:

Twenty-four percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters said they want someone else because they don’t think Biden can win in 2024, up from 18% in a poll conducted in January and February. Thirty-two percent feel that way because they don’t want Biden to be reelected, up from 16% earlier this year. Twenty-five percent said they prefer Biden as the nominee, which is a steep drop from 45% in January/February. 

The poll shows a sharp downturn in enthusiasm for a 2024 reelection bid by the President. In January/February, 51% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters said they wanted someone other than Biden to be the Democratic nominee in 2024.

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