READ IT: 4th Grader Sends Letter to NJ Governor About Masks, ‘I’m Only a Kid Once’

An elementary school student in New Jersey sent a heartbreaking letter to Governor Phil Murphy this week about mask mandates, saying she’s “only a kid once.”

“Hello my name is Maci Young and I go to Robert Hunter School. I am in fourth grade. I think kids should have a choice if they should wear a mask” she wrote. “One reason is because they make it very hard to breathe. I get headaches every day and I come home from school and have to lay down.”

“I don’t want to wear the mask anymore. It hurts and I don’t learn a lot now because my teacher keeps telling people to pull up their masks,” writes the student. “If they are not stopping us from getting sick then why are we wearing them. I hope that one day school will go back to being fun because I am only a kid once.”

“I didn’t like [being isolated and sent home for choosing not to wear a mask] because I never get in trouble at school,” the student also said.

“Thank you Maci Young for standing up to government bullies!” posted Sen. Rand Paul on Twitter.

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