RATINGS BLOODBATH: Half of CNN Viewers Gone in Post-Trump Era

Things aren’t looking great for MSNBC, either.

According to Nielsen Media Research, “In June of 2021, CNN had an average of 580,000 total daily viewers – a drop of 49% compared to June of 2020. The network also lost 59% of its viewers in the critical 25 – 54 age demographic, with an average of 133,000 total day viewers in the demographic for the month of June.”

But what about MSNBC – torch carrier for the far-left.

“MSNBC had the second-largest drop in viewership and lost 37% of its total audience compared to June of last year. The network had an average of 763,000 total viewers in June of 2021 and 99,000 viewers in the 25 – 54 age demographic, a drop of 48%,” according to Nilsen.

Fox News primetime programming continues to dominate, drawing more viewers than rival networks CNN and MSNBC combined.