RAND READY: ‘We Will Get to the Bottom of COVID Origins if GOP Wins Majority’

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is determined to get to the bottom of the origins of COVID-19; Paul says that Americans can expect an investigation if the GOP takes control after midterms.

“I think most of the mainstream media has kept off of the airwaves a discussion of gain-of-function research or the origins of the virus, but we will get to the bottom of this,” Paul said on a conference call with reporters. “It’s going to take control of committees …”

“I’ve talked to Jim Jordan and others about investigating this. I think there’s a great deal of interest in investigating the origins of the virus. I’m very interested in it, but it depends on elections. Elections have consequences. We’ll have to see what happens in November.”

Paul also offered up his thoughts on the monkeypox outbreak, saying it’s not as transmissible as COVID.

“I think the reason it won’t spread to the level of COVID is it’s not spread through air, it’s spread through sexual contact primarily, and among the gay community,” he said. “I do think that they’ve already made some of the same mistakes that they made with COVID.

“During COVID, the test to diagnose COVID, was monopolized by the CDC, and it initially didn’t work. Historically, testing for infectious diseases has been done by hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of different labs, including most of the universities in our country.” 

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