RAGE IN NYC: Unhinged De Blasio Trashes Rittenhouse Jury’s ‘Disgusting Verdict’

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio trashed the jury’s verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse Friday; calling their unanimous decision “disgusting.”

“This verdict is disgusting and it sends a horrible message to this country.  Where is the justice in this? We can’t let this go. We need stronger laws to stop violent extremism from within our own nation.  Now is the time,” posted de Blasio on social media.

“The far-right trolls who think it makes a difference whether a violent gunman got his weapon before or after he crossed state lines are missing the point: two people are dead and their killer is left unaccountable. That’s not justice and they know it,” he claimed.

“Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum are victims. They should be alive today. The only reason they’re not is because a violent, dangerous man chose to take a gun across state lines and start shooting people. To call this a miscarriage of justice is an understatement,” added de Blasio..

Read de Blasio’s full statement above.