RACIST VIEW: Whoopi and Co. Upset With Negative Reviews for Lord of the Rings Show, Blame it on Racists

The ladies of The View have an interesting take on why the new Lord of the Rings series is getting negative reviews —it’s because everyone is racist.

“Are you telling me black people can’t be fake people, too?” Goldberg said. “I don’t know if there’s, like, a hobbit club, I don’t know if there are gonna be protests. But people: What is wrong with y’all?”

Watch the clip below:

“What I think is fascinating is like, dragons are OK, fire-breathing dragons, and people with white hair that are born like that when they’re little, and violet eyes, but the black people in it is just a bridge too far for these folks,” co-host Sunny Hostin added.

Another co-host, Alyssa Farah Griff said reviewers should “get a hobby.”

“It’s just racist. Call it what it is,” Joy Behar said.