RACISM AT THE TIMES? Report Shows NYT Gives ‘Significantly Lower’ Ratings to Employees of Color

The Times, they are a-changin’.

According to a report from Just The News, The New York Times, for years, has given “significantly lower” ratings to employees of color; ratings that are used in reviews to determine raises, promotions, and more.

From Just The News:

In 2020, not a single black employee received the highest rating by the media outlet, while white employees accounted for more than 90% of those who received the top score, the NewsGuild union wrote in a report published Tuesday.

“White Guild members, on average, receive higher ratings than their colleagues of color,” the union wrote. “These findings showed up under a variety of different methodological approaches, including those suggested by the company itself.”

Employee ratings are used to determine promotions and yearly bonuses, the union stated.

“In one particularly egregious case, Black employees were 20 times as likely to get the bottom rating, and yet the company’s methodology failed to find statistically significant bias,” the union wrote about the paper, considered among the most liberal-leaning in the country. 

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