PUZZLED PELOSI: Speaker Tells NYT She Can’t Believe Anyone Would Vote Republican

Speaker of the HOuse Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sounded a bit out of touch during a recent New York Times interview in which she said she doesn’t understand how anyone could vote Republicans.

Really, Nancy?

From The New York Times:

As she hopscotches the states with an entourage of staff members and security, Ms. Pelosi rejects the suggestion that late-breaking trends seem to favor Republicans, even though polls and election analysts clearly show that Democrats are in increasing trouble. She has zero patience for reminders that history shows the president’s party almost always loses seats in the midterms, and she levels a steely stare at the mere mention that her time as speaker may be drawing to a close.

“Forget that,” she said in an interview, dismissing the dark talk of Democratic defeat as ill-informed punditry. “We are talking about the future. I don’t care about what happened in 1946.”

Data aside, Ms. Pelosi said she simply finds it hard to fathom that Republicans could actually win.

“Part of it is, I cannot believe anybody would vote for these people,” she said, describing Republicans’ midterm campaign strategy as “endless lying and endless money.”