PUTIN’S REGIME CRACKS? Mad Vlad Reportedly Arrests His Top General, Vows to Crackdown on ‘Scum’

Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin reportedly arrested and detained a top general this week as part of his nationwide purge of “traitors and scum” who oppose his all-out invasion of Ukraine.

“The deputy chief of Russian’s National Guard was reportedly detained Thursday amid news that Russian President Vladimir Putin is cracking down on disloyalty within his ranks following the invasion of Ukraine,” reports Fox News.

From Fox:

Russian Gen. Roman Gavrilov, of Rosgvardia, the internal military force of the Russian Federation that reports directly to the president of the Russian Federation, was detained by the Russian security and counterintelligence agency, Federal Security Service (FSB), according to Christo Grozev, CEO of the Netherlands-based investigative journalism group Bellingcat. 

The reason for Gavrilov’s detention wasn’t immediately clear. Grozev said one of his sources told him that Gavrilov was detained by the FSB’s military counter-intelligence department over “leaks of military info that led to loss of life,” while two other sources said the reason was for “wasteful squandering of fuel.”

Rosgvardia is a unit of the Russian Federation’s internal army that reportedly suffered heavy losses in Ukraine during the three weeks since the invasion began on Feb. 24. 

Gavrilov previously worked for the Federal Protective Service (FSO) tasked with Putin’s security. 

Russian state-run media reported on Thursday that Gavrilov had been fired.