PUNCH DRUNK PAUL: Footage Shows Mr. Pelosi Failing Balance Test at DUI Arrest

Video originally obtained by Fox News shows Paul Pelosi–the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi–attempting to pass a balance test after being detained by police for Drunk Driving.

Mr. Pelosi pleaded guilty Tuesday for Driving While Under the Influence.

From Fox News:

Paul Pelosi, the multimillionaire husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and causing injury on Tuesday in connection to drunk driving charges back in May.

Pelosi’s plea agreement includes a jail term of five days, although Judge Joseph Solga noted that he already had credit for four days, two from actual time served and two for conduct credits. The remaining day will be covered by an 8-hour work program.

The sentence also includes a three-month drunk driving program, one year with an ignition interlock device, restitution payments, as well as three years of probation.

Watch the moment above.