PSAKI SNAPS: Jen Berates Reporter for ‘Not Listening,’ Yells ‘I Answered Your Question’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki snapped at reporters during her daily briefing Tuesday, berating some journalists for “not listening” to her defense of President Biden and his failing covid strategy.

“I’m amazed it hasn’t been brought up more… Vanity Fair reported that on October 22nd a group of health experts proposed a plan to mass distribute Covid tests to homes before Christmas… They were told three days later that that idea was dead,” said one reporter.

“Maybe people haven’t asked about it because we’ve done a lot of what was discussed in that meeting… Including massively expanding our testing program and capacity,” fired-back Psaki.

“How can President Biden shut down the virus if he’s not being briefed on these ideas?” pressed the journalist.

“I think I just answered your question, you may have not been listening,” snapped the Press Secretary. “I just answered your question!”

Watch Psaki’s comments above.