PSAKI FOR CENSORSHIP: Watch Jen Say More Censorship is Needed for Spotify

The Joe Rogan Spotify story continues it’s viral spread —even the White House Press Secretary is being asked for comment. Psaki was asked if Spotify should do more than just apply warning labels to its content.

Not surprisingly, she thinks they should.

“Well, last July, I, you probably know, but the Surgeon General also took the unprecedented step to issue an advisory on the risk of misinformation in public health, which is a very significant step,” Psaki said. “And amid that, he talked about the role social media platforms have, so our hope is that all major tech platforms, and all major news sources for that matter, be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the American people have access to accurate information on something as significant as COVID-19. That certainly includes Spotify.”

“So this disclaimer, it’s a positive step, but we want every platform to continue doing more to call out misinformation and disinformation will also uplifting, accurate information,” she continued, later adding: “But ultimately, you know, our view is it’s a, it’s a, it’s a good step. It’s a positive step, but there’s more that can be done.”