PROUD DADDY: Joe Says He’s ‘Just So Proud of Hunter’ When Asked About Tax and Gun Crimes

CNN’s Jake Tapper sat down with President Biden on Tuesday night to discuss a number of topics —and it wasn’t long before Hunter Biden came up in the conversation.

From The Daily Wire:

Last week, it was reported that federal prosecutors gathered enough evidence “months ago” to charge Hunter Biden with multiple crimes related to taxes and lying to investigators about a gun purchase, according to The Washington Post. Tapper asked Biden how he reacts to the news about his son “personally and politically.”

“Well first of all, I’m proud of my son,” the president began. “This is a kid who got, not a kid he’s a grown man, he got hooked on, like many families have had happen, hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that, he’s established a new life.”

“I have great confidence in my son,” he added. “I love him, and he’s on the straight and narrow, and he has been for a couple years now, and I’m just so proud of him.”

Watcht he clip below: