PROBLEM SOLVED! NYC City Council Erects ‘Gun Free Zone’ Signs in Times Square to Stop Violence

The New York City Council approved a measure this week that will erect ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs in the heart of Manhattan’s Times Square to slow the Big Apple’s spiraling crime crisis across all five boroughs.

From the NY Daily News:

After the June ruling from the nation’s top court, state lawmakers passed and Gov. Hochul signed laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons in various high-risk settings including Times Square, subways, buses and bars. The rules take effect Thursday.

City Council members also introduced their bill this month to redefine the Times Square area as a sensitive location after the ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

Guns banned in Times Square, other ‘sensitive locations’ under New York firearms law revised after Supreme Court ruling ]

Noting that more than 360,000 people — roughly the population of Cleveland — pass through Times Square daily, Barrows said the state law and city bill “recognize that Times Square is a dense, complex and highly trafficked area.”

And he said the Police Department is working to educate cops and the public alike on developments since the conservative Supreme Court’s ruling.