POWER TO THE PARENTS: Loudoun County Dad Who Torched School Board for COVID Policy Running for Congress

Loudoun County parent Brandon Michon, who went viral last year for torching the school board for its coronavirus shutdown policies, has announced he’s running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th district. The objective: give power back to the parents. 

Michon shared his announcement with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

“We’re going to let parents have their voice back,” Michon said. “I’m so happy to be jumping in this race, so happy to represent so many people who may not have the same opportunity or be in a position to speak up. We just want to raise the bar.”

Michon became a viral sensation after telling school board members they “should all be fired from their day jobs” because they were “more inefficient than the DMV.” 

“The garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day more than anyone in this school system. Figure it out,” Michon said. “It’s not a high bar.”