POLL: Half the Country Frustrated With Joe Biden, 75 Percent Don’t Care About ‘Build Back’

According to a new CBS/YouGov poll, more than half of Americans have had it with Biden’s inaction on nearly every important issue affecting everyday folks.

“A CBS News/YouGov poll found 50% of Americans are frustrated by the Biden presidency, and 49% are disappointed. Forty percent said they were nervous, 25% said they felt calm, and another 25% were satisfied,” the Washington Times said.

“In addition, 65% of respondents said they want to see Mr. Biden focus more on rising inflation. Fifty-eight percent said he should prioritize the economy.”

“If inflation were to improve, 63% said their opinion of Mr. Biden would improve. However, a whopping 76% said their opinion would not improve if he is able to pass his signature Build Back Better legislation.”

Bad numbers and bad news for President Biden.