Exclusive Offer: Get a FREE Anti-Communist Lapel Pin!


Get a FREE Anti-Communist Lapel Pin with Your Purchase of Two Or More Copies of Jesse Kelly’s “The Anti-Communist Manifesto” – Limited to the First 2,000 Participants!

Jesse Kelly’s The Anti-Communist Manifesto is the ultimate guide to becoming a warrior for the cause of anti-communism. But what good is it if nobody knows you’re an anti-communist? That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to do what vegans and crossfitters have been doing for years: obnoxiously reminding everyone within five feet that you’re a committed anti-communist.

We’re offering a free anti-communist lapel pin—designed by Jesse Kelly himself—to the first 2,000 people who pre-order at least 2 copies of Jesse Kelly’s The Anti-Communist Manifesto.

Why 2 books, you ask? It’s not (just) a cynical cash grab, I can assure you. By purchasing a second copy of The Anti-Communist Manifesto, you demonstrate not only your commitment to anti-communism, but your willingness to spread the word and recruit new anti-communists to the cause.


Anti-communism is more than an idea or political affiliation, it’s a brotherhood. By sporting this sharp gold and black pin, you’ll be able to identify your brothers-in-arms instantly.

You can confidently shake their handshake, offer a sly wink and a nod from across the room, or even buy them a drink if you’re at a bar…

…and they’ll know you’re not flirting with them.

Here’s how to claim your FREE lapel pin:

  1. Purchase at least two copies of “The Anti-Communist Manifesto” by Jesse Kelly.
  2. Fill out the form below, providing your name, email address, and mailing address (no PO Boxes, please; US addresses only).
  3. Upload a clear receipt (Photo or PDF) showing your purchase of the two or more books.
  4. Await your exclusive, Jesse Kelly-designed lapel pin in the mail! Please allow 6 to 8 weeks from the book release date for delivery.

Don’t miss this chance to make a statement and proudly wear your support for freedom, democracy, and the fight against communism. Remember, this offer is limited to one pin per person and only available to the first 2,000 participants, so act now and claim your FREE lapel pin today!

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