PELOSI: Hispanics Targeted with ‘Vile, Xenophobic Rhetoric Across the Country’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi marked Cinco de Mayo Thursday by bizarrely stating that Latino communities are targeted with “vile, xenophobic rhetoric” across the United States.

“For 160 years, #CincodeMayo has commemorated resilience and triumph in the face of overwhelming odds.  Generations after outnumbered Mexican patriots fought to a hard-won victory over French invaders, their valor remains a point of national pride in Mexico,” stated Pelosi.

“In the United States, today brings us together in celebration of our Mexican American community’s rich history and heritage.   From recently arrived immigrants to families whose roots predate our founding, the contributions of Mexican Americans are woven into our national story,” she added.  “As public servants, health care heroes, artists, business leaders and more, Mexican Americans have strengthened our democracy, enriched our culture and made America more American.”

“As vile, xenophobic rhetoric continues to target Latino communities across the country, @HouseDemocrats remain committed to embracing America’s diversity and building a more just future,” claimed the Democrat.