P.S., SEND SNACKS! TX Dems Request Snacks after Spreading COVID; Wasting $1.5 Million.

Spreading all that COVID must have really worked up an appetite.

Texas Democrats – who fled to Washington to avoid voting on voter integrity bills but inadvertently spread COVID after going maskless on an airplane – have taken to Twitter to request care packages from supporters. 

“Our Dems in DC said they’d appreciate care packages from home. Before 5pm Tues, we’re collecting Dr. Pepper, salsa, hard candy, hairspray, travel toiletries, hand sanitizers, sewing kits, first aid, and/ or $ to pay shipping. TY!”

This, of course, raised a lot of eyebrows on Twitter.

According to The Daily Wire, “The Texas Democrats plan to stay in Washington, D.C. until at least August 7, when they are no longer in danger of being pulled into a special legislative session. The trip has, so far, reportedly cost a shocking $1.5 million, though the legislators insist that that money is coming out of campaign funds and from supporters who are anxious to see their effort succeed.”