‘OUR KIDS, OUR HOMES —BACK THE HELL UP’: Boebert Torches Left’s Woke Agenda for Kids

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) absolutely torched the Biden Administration’s latest push to raise America’s children. The Colorado congresswoman has a message for delusional dems: “Back the hell up.”

Liberal bureaucrats “are doing anything in their power to protect these people who want to sexualize and groom our children,” she told host Laura Ingraham. “And now to hear … that we have these ‘minor-attracted persons.’ What is this world coming to?”

“Five years ago, if you would have said that this is where all of this is leading, we would have been called crazy. And here we are. You have somebody saying that pedophilia — ‘That’s too degrading to call it, so we’re going to call it MAPs.’ What in the world is happening in America?” 

“These are children,” she said, telling the Biden administration to “get out of our lives, get out of our homes.”

“These are our children, not yours — back the hell up.”