OTTAWA UPDATE: Mayor Declares State of Emergency, Says Truckers a ‘Serious Danger and Threat’

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson released a statement this week officially declaring a State of Emergency in the Capital of Canada; saying the ‘Freedom Truckers’ pose a “serious danger and threat” to public safety.

“(This) reflects the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents posed by the ongoing demonstrations and highlights the need for support from other jurisdictions and levels of government,” stated the Mayor.

“Clearly, we are outnumbered and we are losing this battle,” he said over the weekend, the BBC reported, claiming: “This has to be reversed — we have to get our city back.”

“We put the question of vaccines and vaccine mandates on the ballot … in the (2021) election and we’re simply carrying out the promise that we made with the support of the vast majority of Canadians,” he explained.  

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