O’REILLY’S MESSAGE: Masking the Truth

From BillOReilly.com

There are so many things going on with the Covid resurgence, it is impossible for Americans to make sense of the problem. With the deconstruction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, there is no longer a trusted medical authority disseminating information to the public.  CNN may still love Fauci, but few others believe him.

So, we are left with a symbolic Tower of Babel, a public discourse that is chaotic and even dangerous.

President Biden is at fault, of course.  He is incapable of leading a divided nation in any direction.  His verbal skills are non-existent (repetition of words cartoonish), and his problem-solving ability mirrors that of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez; approximately zero.

Mr. Biden was extremely fortunate to inherit a miraculous vaccination development from the Trump administration.  At first, the new president and his crew were successful in rolling out the vax nationwide.  If you wanted the protection, it was available free at a pharmacy near you.

The developing problem is not every citizen will take the vax.  Plenty of fear. Also, millions of foreign nationals are flooding across the southern border. Many, if not most, are not vaccinated.

President Biden has no strategy to stop the border madness and little ability to persuade anti-vaxxers.  Therefore, when yet another strain of Covid gathered strength, the federal government had no coherent response.  The result is the foolish and destructive panic we are seeing now.

There are two primary groups that will not cooperate in fighting Covid: skeptics in the conservative arena, and African-Americans.  Surveys say about half of black Americans remain unvaxxed, and resistance in right-wing precincts is hovering around 30 percent.

Both groups have rare common ground: they don’t trust the government.

The corrupt media adds to the danger by irresponsible analysis, especially on television.  The liberal networks refuse to criticize African-Americans, and the conservative outlets downplay resistance on the right.  Once again, these corporate media companies and their mouthpieces are in business solely to make money. 

They could not care less whether someone dies from Covid.

In the end, President Biden will pay a big price for his poor leadership regarding the virus.  His latest attempt to bribe people to get vaxxed using taxpayer money is insulting.  Voters will remember how weak and befuddled Biden is on a very personal issue.  Most Americans don’t want to wear masks and are horrified their children may again be forced to wear them in school.

There is always a tipping point in any presidential term.  For LBJ it was Vietnam. Nixon Watergate.  Carter gas lines.

If Joe Biden can regain leadership credibility after the Covid redux, I will be surprised.  He, Vice-President Harris, and Dr. Fauci can wear all the masks they want – but most folks see right through them.