O’REILLY: ‘You Can Feel it Building, the American People ARE NOT HAPPY’

Bill O’Reilly weighed-in Thursday night on the direction of the country under Joe Biden; saying a national backlash is brewing over high prices, race-baiting, cancel culture, and more.

“There is a backlash coming against President Biden,” said O’Reilly.

“You can feel it building – resentment. Folks are not pleased with higher gas and food prices, mask-wearing virtue signaling, race-baiting, violent crime, inflation, border chaos and cancel culture. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY!” said O’Reilly.

“But the disenchantment is muted because the corporate media is largely covering it up. Not talking about it. Neglecting to inform the people. Instead, they talk about Trump’s pants,” he added.

Watch O’Reilly above.