O’REILLY: Why is Joe Biden so Bad at his Job?

From BillOReilly.com

Doing a lot of radio lately. Just this week, Hannity, Beck, Bernie & Sid on WABC, Mark Simone on WOR, and Dan Bongino.

The reason I’m on those shows is that I’m not boring. At least I hope that’s the reason. Also, I don’t repeat the same old stuff, I try to come up with unique information and analysis.

Right now, President Biden is in dire trouble in the court of public opinion. You’d have to be a complete moron if you think he’s doing a good job. The truth is the man’s a disaster.

Bright people well understand rising inflation, chaos at the border, and the humiliation of Afghanistan. What is a bit harder to comprehend is why Joe Biden is so bad at his job.

On October 21, I will broadcast a special explaining President Biden. This will be for Premium and Concierge Members only. Just this one program will be worth your yearly fee, which we keep as low as we can.

In the days to come, I’ll explain more. But I hope you mark your calendar. Stay strong.