O’REILLY: Where’s the Christmas Spirit?

It occurs to me that it is just one week before Christmas Eve and the spirit has not yet descended upon my presence.

I tried listening to the Christmas song station, but Have a Holly Jolly Christmas does not do it. What is Holly Jolly anyway? Sounds like a 1960’s dance.

Then there’s Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Whose idea was this? What’s next, Uncle Joe gets eaten by a shark on Christmas Eve?  Who’s in charge of these awful tunes?  Satan?

How about Madonna breathlessly singing Santa Baby. She wants St. Nick to hurry down the chimney in order to give her stuff. The material girl strikes again. Must we play this song?

Then there’s shopping. Afraid to go. Too many variants. They lurk and hide in the displays. Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus all wear masks by order of DeBlasio. The three wise men from Persia have to show vax passports to enter Bethlehem.  

This is madness.

Despite the challenges, I will finally find the spirit of Christmas. I always do. Because it is uplifting and necessary. Even if you’re not a believer.

We are living in a secular world where constant gratification is the life goal of many. This is a bad place to be and once a year a season of giving to others reminds us of that.

So, beginning tonight, I will read some Charles Dickens Christmas tales and may even watch A Christmas Carol starring Alistair Sim, not Bill Murray.

I still have time to capture the elusive Christmas spirit. And I will.

See you this evening beginning at six eastern for the No Spin News.