O’REILLY: Vlady Walnuts

From BillOReilly.com

This Putin is an annoying guy, is he not? What many folks don’t realize is that ol’ Vlad is a throwback to the dictators of the mid-twentieth century.  He’s a mini-Mussolini, strutting around causing trouble.

Putin has run Russia for more than 20 years amassing a billion-dollar fortune through kickbacks from Russian companies.  I could have written, “Killing the Mob” focusing on just one person: Vlady Walnuts.

Now Joe Biden, no stranger to dubious money, is in charge of “containing” the Russian autocrat.  Russian troops are massing on the Ukrainian border and they are not there seeking a meeting with Hunter Biden.  Under President Obama, Putin stole Crimea, a part of Ukraine. Then Vice-President Biden was outraged!

Putin ordered more caviar.

Vlad loves international attention so he’ll probably saber-rattle for a while longer.  I don’t think he’ll invade because then Biden would have to drop onerous economic sanctions hurting Putin’s primary business which is Putin.

Vlad has plenty of time to torture Biden so I expect an ongoing annoyance from Mr. Walnuts.  But he is a dangerous man. Make no mistake.

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