O’REILLY: ‘The Woke Scam’

Just read a column that says even though the “woke movement” is stupid, it may lead to some good things.  The writer cited a greater sensitivity to historical injustice, as one example.

I guess the point is valid but my analysis is that woke stuff far more often leads to a fascist denial of fairness, than it does to enlightenment.

As Joe Biden might say “come on.” Monitoring Halloween costumes for the cultural offense?  Changing the names of sports teams?  Allowing cowards to demand “safe spaces” in the workplace and at school?

Dumb and dangerous.

These woke fanatics are basically scam artists looking to accumulate power by threatening to lodge accusations and, in many cases, doing so.  They are misguided people who want to destroy things and human beings.  I despise them.

So I avoid them.  I interact with hundreds of folks and not one of them, to my knowledge, is woke.  And that’s the way it will stay.

See you tonight for a tough look at the border.  The No Spin News is on beginning at six eastern.