O’REILLY: The Radical Left Wants to ‘Teach America is a Racist Country to Six Year Olds’

Bill O’Reilly continued to warn America of the dangers posed by Critical Race Theory, particularly among children, saying progressives want to teach six and seven-year-old students that America is a racist country.

“In Texas there was an election in the school district. Two people who oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory won by 70% of the vote!” said O’Reilly.

“Texas is a conservative state, even though there are pockets of liberalism. The culture in Texas is still traditional. I’m not surprised by this, but I’m pleased that these people stepped up. This is the key. Wherever you live you can run for the school board,” he added.

“We’re not going to preach America is a racist country to our six and seven year olds,” concluded O’Reilly.  

Watch O’Reilly above.