O’REILLY: The Progressive Left is Getting Nervous

From BillOReilly.com

As people die and entire cities descend into criminal chaos, the progressive left is getting nervous. Along with the economy, crime is an emotional issue for many voters and the folks know most liberal leaders are soft on felonious behavior.

The progressive philosophy is not crime and punishment. It is “understanding” why crimes are committed especially by minority criminals. The leftists believe America has deprived blacks and others of the essential tools to behave lawfully.

 Of course, this is a colossal insult to the vast majority of minority citizens who work hard and are honest.

San Francisco is ground zero for preposterous crime analysis.  A recent column in the woke Chronicle newspaper put forth that shoplifting is not the problem for retailers like Walgreens. No, the real dilemma is that the corporations themselves are corrupt so why are we bothering the petty thieves? Just let them do their thing until Walgreens cleans up its corporate act.

Tonight, on the No Spin News, I will analyze exactly how President Biden fits into the progressive madness.  See you beginning at six eastern.