O’REILLY: The Biden Burnout Factor

From BillOReilly.com

President Biden is about to catch a break because the news cycle is so relentlessly terrible, that many Americans are hitting the pause button. With Thanksgiving next week, the “Biden burnout factor” is significant. I mean how many times can we listen to the bad news?

I can’t because I have to report, but I know millions of Americans simply don’t want to hear the daily bad news concerning the President. Better to duck and run. Watch the “Masked Singer” or something.

This is a temporary situation as the USA will absorb more setbacks shortly. The economy is the big thing – but Russia and China will challenge Mr. Biden. Do you think he’s ready? He’s not.

Trump was unpredictable and took insults and deceit personally. He didn’t want armed conflict and he avoided policy traps. Mr. Trump has an instinct for the big picture and the bad guys knew it. His takedown of ISIS was well thought out and executed. I will present the evidence in my upcoming book “Killing the Killers.”

Joe Biden does not have that skill set and often operates in a state of denial. Everything is on track, according to Joe.

But it’s not, and the majority of Americans understand things are not going well. Those folks will be hard for Biden to turn around. But for now, we need a break.

Important segment on China tonight. No Spin News has it. See you beginning at six eastern.

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