O’REILLY: The Bargain is Broken

From BillOReilly.com

Lately, I’ve been hammering home the reality that the Biden administration is disrespecting American taxpayers. The legal contract is clear: we give the federal government our hard-earned money, we expect the powers-that-be to spend it responsibly.

But that is not happening, and the bargain is broken.

Is it responsible for the Biden administration to seek six trillion dollars to fund theories like wind turbines and other green energy projects – knowing that much of the US money will be sent to China, which dominates the green manufacturing industry?

Is it responsible to pay migrants who illegally breached our border for alleged injustice?  Is each case going to be investigated before the check goes out? No. There will be no vetting if the ACLU wins a settlement.

Is it responsible to create massive welfare programs that have no personal responsibility component? You just get tax money. Shouldn’t some public service be required? After all, the kids are getting free daycare.

Tonight, on the No Spin News, we’ll explain the progressive strategy behind all this. And President Biden’s role in it.

See you beginning at six eastern.

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