O’REILLY TALKS TRUMP ON CLAY & BUCK: ‘He Definitely Wants to Run Again’

Bill O’Reilly stopped by the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show to give the boys a preview of his primetime sitdown with former President Trump – and he broke some big news in the process.

CLAY: You’ve known President Trump for a long time. Based on what your interaction was like in your interview, does it seem like he’s gearing up for a 2024 run? How would you handicap those odds based on your interaction with him?

O’REILLY: Well, he definitely wants to run again. I mean, he told me that. Can he? Will the party make it possible for him? I don’t know. So, he wants to run again. He knows that if he does run again, he has to change a bit – style and presentation – he has to.

O’Reilly also reveals he encouraged the former President to study Winston Churchill.

“Winston Churchill defeated the Axis powers and Hitler and they threw him out of office. They voted him out! Can you imagine this? But he made a stunning comeback.”