O’REILLY: Take My Quiz, ‘Does it Make Sense That… ?’

We had a little fun on the No Spin News by presenting a short quiz on the current state of the federal government.  If you missed it, just answer yes or no to the following questions which all fall under this banner: DOES IT MAKE SENSE THAT?

  1. To allow millions of foreign nationals to enter the USA unsupervised?
  2. To abandon Afghanistan completely, leading to human rights abuses by the Taliban?
  3. To shut down the Keystone pipeline just to turn around and ask Saudi Arabia to expand oil sales?
  4. To support CRT teaching in schools that divides children on a skin color basis?
  5. For the federal government to spend so much money that inflation explodes?
  6. To support no bail laws that allow criminals to commit more crimes?
  7. To be one of only 7 countries in the world that allow unrestricted abortions?
  8. To oppose voter IDs?
  9. To say that white supremacists are a larger terror threat than the Jihadists?
  10. For a President of the United States to accuse his own country of systemic racism?

Please let me know how you do!