O’REILLY: Riding Out the Storm

From BillOReilly.com

Sorry, this column is a bit late but it’s Henri’s fault.  The hurricane whipped through my backyard in eastern Long Island but did little damage other than scaring Holly the Terror Dog.

While preparing for Henri, I did a metaphorical thing; calculating the odds that President Biden will ride out storm Afghanistan.

Trump and Bush, the younger, would have been decimated by the corrupt media had the Afghan chaos happened on their watches.  Most sane people know that. Mr. Biden is getting some jazz from his enablers but, trust me on this, they are looking for a hard news diversion.  One will arise soon.

But it really doesn’t matter.  The American people now know for certain that Joe Biden cannot do his job.  And the fact that he refuses to acknowledge any screwups whatsoever just highlights his confused state of mind.

For months, I have been telling you the President is a diminished man.  I did not cheap-shot him with dementia allegations or other personal stuff.  I simply know he is not able to run this country responsibly. This is not an ideological analysis even though the progressive left controls Biden.  It’s simple: Joe Biden cannot retain information or absorb details about complicated situations. That is the truth.

So what now?  Well, the Republicans should do very well in the midterm elections.  That vote in November 2022, is crucial if traditional America is to be saved.  It’s not that GOP politicians are brilliant or noble.  Many are a long way from that.  But all this socialism woke fascism, and racial equity will never be a part of the Republican platform.

I don’t expect President Biden to be replaced by Kamala Harris.  The democrat leadership understands she will never win over the majority of voters.  So, the blue people will ride out Biden, hoping for a miracle.

History does have a way of self-correcting and the United States has always come back strong from disasters.  We will this time too, I believe.  But not before more pain – express delivered by a federal government which has completely lost its way.

So, it’s up to “we the people” to save the country once again.  No other way out.