O’REILLY: Putting Politics Aside for Christmas

From BillOReilly.com:

As we all know, we are living in a time of tremendous selfishness. With phones in hand, many Americans are lost in a world of the individual pursuit. This is not a good thing.

The Christmas season blasts us out of self-centered pursuits if only because we think of others in a gift-giving way. Some of us do that more than others.

Children, of course, are the prime beneficiaries of Christmas and that is a good thing. I vividly remember the gifts Santa brought me. Christmas should be a magical time for all kids.

As far as adults, generosity is a key to building character. This is the truth: there is not one material thing on earth that I want.  Nothing. I can’t explain my circumstance.

But I am glad of it. It’s not that material stuff is bad, it’s not. Honest, hard-working people deserve rewards.  But I’m not a prisoner to any THING. And that’s a measure of freedom I appreciate.

In the days leading up to Christmas 2021, we might put aside the ridiculous politics and trivial pursuits. We can always get back to those after December 25. Perhaps we use this week to think about those we know and how we can bring a measure of happiness to them. Maybe just a simple card or call.

Do that, and the country will be a better place.

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